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Tips on Getting to German FKK Clubs

Traveling to German and visiting German FKK Clubs

There are several ways to visit the clubs
1. Take a tour
2. Rent a car
3. Public transportation

Each option has its negatives and positives

World's first German FKK Club Tour service since 1995


Positives: One payment via safe, secure credit card payment in US dollars
covers your hotel, transportation and guide services
Paying in US dollars will save you foreign transaction fees, currency exchange rate losses.
This also means having to carry along more cash which could be a security risk.
Having a guide and driver allow you to enjoy your trip without the worries of how to get there,
where to go, drinking and driving and general problems knowing the German language and culture.
You'll be paying a premium for the service
TIP: Sign up for the tour specials using this SUBSCRIPTION FORM
Check this Monthly Specials page for current offers HERE

When selecting a Tour Service look for these features and warnings:
Find a service with a long reputation (they been around for a while)
Take care with websites with poor grammar and writing (A sure sign the owner is not an English speaker)
Never pay CASH or fall for the scam to bring a large sum of cash for payment.
Reputable Tour services all accept MasterCard or Visa (another sign they are legit)

Rent a car
You'll have total freedom to come and go as you wish
Rental car cost
Fuel which is now over $9.00 per Gallon
You'll need a GPS, while its possible with Maps its a daunting task and German roads
are not as forgiving as US.
Speed traps and Photo Radar, pay close attention to your speed and where you're going Germany has
photo radar in almost every town and city, once you see the famous flash (Blitz) as the German's call it
your already caught. Your image will be sent to the rental car company which will charge your credit card
with the violation fee plus an administration fee. You could get several of these during your trip which may add up to big money.
German police are notorious for random vehicle stops, which can be on autobahns or just around the corner from your local FKK Club. Police are well aware that people drink at the clubs so they target people leaving the clubs. You'll lose your license and be arrested. Not to mention a huge fine will follow with court appearances. While some people will ignore this idea I've actually known people who have been caught in these stings, locals and tourists.

How to get to German FKK Clubs with Public Transportation

Public Transportation
This is your cheapest way to visit the clubs, however not always the easiest and can get expensive if you plan on visiting more than one club per day. Visit the website for ideas on costs of trains from the airports to the major cities. You'll have figure out a base city with hotel, then from there plan day or evening trips to the clubs. Most clubs are not along major railways so taxi use will almost always be necessary. Then again there are those who are willing to walk a few miles. This is not recommended during the winter months when walkways are icy and temperatures drop below freezing.
Tickets are not always cheap and you'll be limited to clubs by time, in other words the longer it takes to get to the clubs the less of them you'll see.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Germany has over 500 so called FKK Clubs within its borders. Other countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic have copied the concept and business over the past decade. True FKK Clubs are defined by the original FKK Club which was invented over 30 years ago in Lichtenberg-Hennef Germany by a local German named "Bernd's".

The Original FKK Club concept includes the following:
  • Women are totally nude with the exception of heels
  • Women are forbidden to approach the men
  • Sex can take place anywhere in the club and often does
  • The club is well lit as opposed to dark night club settings and black or red lights
  • No hassle pricing, prices are set
  • Entry fee includes all your drinks, alcohol and beer included
  • Customer input and experiences determine if women continue to work
Their are several terms used for German sex clubs "FKK Clubs" included
Sauna Club
FKK Club
FKK Sauna Club
All the terms above can and are used to define if a club is indeed an authentic FKK Club

Clubs such as GoldenTime, Living Room, Villa Vertigo, Planet Happy Garden often are listed and included as FKK Clubs however they're not authentic. The reason for this is the women are often wearing swim suits or lingerie. 

In the last decade Hybrid clubs have evolved and surfaced which are called "Pauschalclubs"
German Pauschalclubs offer all the sex you want within a specified period of time. Such as
Typical Pauschalclub Prices
60 Euros for 60 minutes
70 Euros for 3 hours
129 Euros for all day (12 hours)
Pauschalclubs some were previously were FKK clubs, brothels, swinger clubs or partytreffs which went out of business due to numerous reasons. Over the last decade clubs have more than doubled in Germany and sprung up in several other countries due to the international popularity. While the customer base has not necessarily grown as fast as the clubs competition has grown clubs were forced to offer more to their customers. A decade ago food was rarely to never found at FKK clubs. Basics included soft drinks, coffee, soup, cookies or fresh fruit such as apples. Pauschalclubs go the extreme providing one price which includes all the sex you want, food, drink and alcohol. See Mc Sex Hamm Germany

GoldenTime Sauna Club Germany
Living Room Sauna Club Germany
Villa Vertigo Sauna Club Germany
Planet Happy Garden Sauna Club Germany
FKK Club Oase Frankfurt Germany
FKK Club World Giessen Germany
FKK Club Sharks Darmstadt Germany

Ranking or suggesting a club is based on taste of women and premises. Often people think of best as the size of a club.

FKK Club World or World FKK Club
has the largest grounds.
FKK Club Oase or Oase FKK Club
has the most women which can be as high as 150

Organized Professionally Guided FKK Tours
Offer one price packages for 6 or 8 days
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Airport pick up, return
Hotel, Guides, drivers, transportation to and from the clubs
during your stay. Fluent English and German speaking guides (not non-native English speakers)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


FKK Club GoldenTime
Heidweg 1
41379 Germany
Br├╝ggen Tel.: 02163-8894760

More details


60 Euros Entry
50 Euros 1st 30 minutes, 25 Euros each additional 30 minutes there after (within same session)

Mondays - Thursdays 11am - 1am
Fridays - Saturday 11am - 2am
Sundays and Holidays 1pm - 1am

Food, Drinks, Alcohol
Included in entry price (except hard liquor 10Euros)

30 Euros for 30 Minutes

Travel Service
Includes package rate paid via safe secure credit card payment, established 1995
proven and trusted with over 5000 clients. Package includes airport pick up, return,
hotel, daily transportation to and from Germany's best FKK clubs. Guests speak
English and Japanese.

GoldenTime FKK Club while not actually a true FKK Club has been around for almost a decade. Owned by the same people who run Living Room FKK in nearby Kaarst prices and entry are similar. Men wear robes while the majority of women wear lingerie or bathing suits with the concessional totally nude woman.

While pricing can be confirmed with management at 50 Euros for the first 30 minutes and 25 for every additional 30 minutes with the same woman during the same session its wise to discuss this with the chosen woman prior to going to a room. Some women want 75 Euros per every hour while others even request 50 Euros for every 30 minutes. This has been a problem which still exists from the onset. Thus if you require more time its recommended to work out the details before obtaining a key to a room.

Whirlpool and Sauna area are being updated, the rubber trees have been removed and plans are to install a new high tech sauna

Discussion about Golden Time FKK Club